The Atchafalaya Basin has three secrets that make it a unique and diverse wetland worthy of national attention.

I. The Overflow Water Regime. Winter and spring floods hydrate the swamp-covering plant material that grows particularly vigorously during the low water stage of warm summer and early fall ? meanwhile food and shelter are provided to the multitude of aquatic creatures in the Basin.

II. The Crawfish.
This tasty little crustacean is loved by man and wildlife alike, and it is one aspect of the aquatic food chain that makes the Atchafalaya so rich in Fisheries.

III.The Vastness.
From hardwood bottomlands in the north to the Gulf of Mexico toward the south, the Atchafalaya Basin is made up of 1.4 million acres of swamp, marsh, bays and islands. This diversity, along with its size, makes it a habitat for all of us. The basin is over 120 miles long and 18 miles wide between the levees.